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The Enforced Chastity Rules

1) Call for an orientation session after you have sent an inquiry to my email: cassandra@enchantrixempire.com or if you have filled out the application on my blog "ChastityTraining Manual" section. There is a 10 minute minimum on calls. Price of calls are $ per minute. For orientation calls, I require a minimum of 20 min.

2) I do not charge a monthly fee for chastity training. I require a call a week to take my cock out for a walk. Calls involve edging, cumming, or whatever was agreed upon. This gives opportunity to check my cock for any chafing or small problems that can turn into big problems. Wish list gifts and tributes are happily accepted for all of my hard work keeping you in line.

3) The program requires a cam with Yahoo Messenger or Skype. This is necessary for spot checking, locking, unlocking, and plastic lock number verification.

4) A daily email from you is required. If I don't receive one, a day will be added to your sentence, in fact, all infractions have days added penalties, and/or a wish list gift should I decide it. I like emails that detail your struggle and devotion. If they are amusing enough I will post them on my blog anonymously.

5) Your progress is journaled on my blog when I post. I expect you to subscribe to my blog and comment.

6) List of infractions:

a) missing emails even if you forgot to press send
b) not having messenger on when expected
c) calling in tardy (each minute = 1 day sentence)
d) becoming an I.M. pest (3 days added per infraction)
e) *chastity cheating (one week added or more)

*Chastity cheating is a big no no. I had a clever boy who would slip out of his CB device and illicitly stroke. Now what is the point of this program if that's done? For the record, I don't prefer the CB series. These are starter devices and you will be expected to purchase a good cage after the program starts.

Chastity cheaters are thrown off the program and only allowed to call for masturbation calls until they learn their lesson.

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